Friday, 29 November 2019

Pathfinder - Team Building/ Session Work

ADHD Group - Scotstoun

Yoker Club - Issue Based Work (12 -19 years)

Focus group - Team Building with YP from Knightswood Secondary

Girls Group - Empowerment through participatory session work (8-11 years)

Amazing progress on Pathfinder placement!

Cooking Skills - Scotstoun Club (12-19 years)

Healthy Living - Scotstoun Club (12-19 years)

Whiteinch Early Intervention (8-11 years)

Girls Group - Sharing Session (8-11 years)

Cookery Skills - Confidence Building/ Team Work (12-19 years)

Scotstoun Club (12-19 years)

Whiteinch Early Intervention (8-11 years)

Girls Group Reward Trip

Healthy Eating - Cooking Skills (12-19 Years)

Fantastic Team Building Activities

Glasgow Spirit of Christmas Donations

Amazing Pathfinder Outcome! Congratulation to William!

Local Business looks to support the Community

Youth Surgery with Local Elected Official Michael Cullen

Early Intervention - Creative Activities in Scotstoun Club (8-11 Years)

Early Intervention - Creative Activities (8-11 Years)

Fitness Session in Yoker Club (12-19 Years)

Monday, 28 October 2019

Pathfinder Success - Real Jobs and Opportunities for YP

The New 'DRC Youth Project Management Committee'

Fantastic Day of Hard Work, Progress and Ultimately Success for YP

Yoker Club (12-19 Years)

Busy Session in Early Intervention Group

Girls Group - Reward

Whiteinch Wee Group

CSCS Success!!!

Girls Group - Social Media

Art & Crafts