Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tuesday Night - Football

We had an excellent training session last night with the 15+ group up at the Scotstoun Leisure Centre. Great to see a few old faces getting involved again with the group. We will be playing G15 Youth Project next Tuesday evening in a 7-a-side friendly. We narrowly won the first match 4-3 so we're expecting another close contest. All played in the right spirit so everyone is up for it.

Youth Cafe - LAUNCH!!

It's nearly lift off time for our Youth Cafe. We have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare the space and staff/ young people for our new venture. 

Scotstoun (12-19 yrs) - Youth Club

Employability/ Personal Development

We had another excellent session on Friday with our group of trainee construction workers. 

Our focus throughout the session was on establishing the skills, abilities and characteristics of a good/ bad worker. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Saturday night football! (aged 12+)

What a brilliant night we had during our first 'Saturday night football' session! 2 hours of non-stop glorious football. We had 19 young people take part in our first session and if word spreads, there will be plenty more involved next time. Everyone was buzzing after the game and we cannot wait to get involved again! Come along next Saturday, we have A&M football coaches, a free pitch for 2 hours in GOALS Clydebank and bus transport to and from the game. It'll cost you nada and you'll have a ball!

Personal development - Employability Sessions

We are working together with a group of trainee construction workers during a series of personal development and employability sessions. Last week, the group took part in an activity that promoted creative and critical thinking. 

The participants were split into two group and asked to create a poster (using only images, no words!) that represented their thoughts on a particular subject. Group 1 was asked to focus on 'unemployment', while group 2 concentrated on 'being in employment'. 

The group had an interesting discussion surrounding the pros/ cons of being unemployed and in employment. 

Yoker Campus - 'Youth Cafe'

On Friday we held an 'Info and ideas' session that focussed on our upcoming 'Youth Cafe' in the Yoker Community Campus. Members of the DRC and 'North West Youth Committee' took part in a discussion that centred on youth cafe. We made great progress on the night and there is a lot of excitement building with our opening date on the horizon. Exciting times ahead!!

Over the next few weeks we will be busy preparing art work for the cafe. We want to brighten the room up and take ownership of the space!

'Summer Open Event' - Scotstoun

Join us this Friday and take part in our annual 'Summer Open Event' in the 'Heart of Scotstoun' community centre! We kick off at 4pm with loadsa fun activities for young people aged 8+. On Friday we will have face painting, FIFA tournaments, DJ sessions, pool tournaments, special effects make up, munchies, a tuck shop and plenty of prizes!!

Friday will be a great chance to mingle with other DRC members and find out more about the positive role the DRC is playing within the community. This is the perfect time to get involved with what's happening in your local area.