Saturday, 5 April 2014


Here is the team which faced 'Red Road' on Friday. The match finished 7-2. It was a tough away match to start the season but the lads stuck in there. There were many positives throughout, two well taken goals from Dylan McDonald showed there is much to look forward to in the season ahead. Onwards 'n' upwards!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Our Local MSYP

I’m Samuel Cook, 'DRC Youth Forum' member, 'Yoker Resource Group' committee attendee and local MSYP (Member of Scottish Youth Parliament). I was elected in June and this is my first post on the 'DRC Youth Project' blog. This is my week… 

This week's events have consisted of a meeting with Sandy Busby (founding member of the 'Yoker Resource Centre' and current Senior Officer) in regards to setting up a surgery. The surgery would provide a regular opportunity to consult with young people in the community. We have also spoke about having an article in the Clydebank Post. 

On Tuesday night I attended a 'DRC Youth Forum' session. We focused on some important issues affecting young people (you can view this work in a post below).

Friday gave me great pleasure in accepting the 'DRC FC' football strips ahead of our first game against 'Red Road'. This game is particularly special as it’s the first game of the new season, this game will also play an important role in breaking down cross community barriers. I’m pleased to say this team consists of boys (aged 15-18 years) from Scotstoun and Yoker. Hopefully this is a step forward in uniting a community.

DRC FC - New Strips

We are proud to show off our new 'DRC Football Club' home strip. We would like to thank the 'DRC Environment Trust' for their continued support. 

Please visit to find out more information about the trust.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Issues Affecting Young People.

We created a poster during our last youth committee session. The poster showed the main issues we think are affecting young people in society today. 

These included:

Drugs & alcohol
Online bullying
Teenage pregnancies
Exam stress
Lack of jobs/ opportunities
Teen suicide
Keeping up with fashion
Peer pressure
Problems at home

Pool Tournament

On Thursday 27th March we hosted a cross community pool tournament between Yoker and Scotstoun at the Yoker Resource Centre. 16 young people entered but there could only be one winner. Congratulations to Stephen Bell who beat Charlie McKechnie 2-1 in the final!